Manufacturing Facilities

Biltong Manufacturing

Advanced High Capacity Biltong Drying Rooms

Newly installed drying curing rooms with humidity control, regulated heat and air distribution gives us the leading edge to offer clients high quality Biltong products that are precise to their specification.
We have dedicated years to perfecting our craft and are proud to have won 19 Great Taste awards in 2022 alone.
Jerky Manufacturing

Our state of the art Reich Jerky Oven

German engineering and technology delivers precise temperature control and even heat distribution, this oven is fitted with a friction smoker taking our Jerky to another level.
We have a full time onsite food technologist in charge of new product development turning your ideas into reality.
Droewors and Cured Sausage Manufacturing

Rex Sausage filler

Fully automated Rex Sausage filler with automated hanging line producing quality Droewors, and Charcuterie that can be smoked or dry air cured.
Product Packaging and Output


Automated Rotary Packaging Machine line
(With fitted throat metal detection)
Capable of packing weights between 25g-250g.
· Capacity: 15000 units per day
· Hand Packaging available in a variety of sizes.
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